Error - Can't find Alert.txt Email

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Error - Can't find Alert.txt Email

I keep getting this error when the system is trying to send an email alert that a resource is nearing expiration. It seems like it can't find the Alert.txt file, however it's there. The system has no problem finding and sending the "New Paid Resource Added" email.

Email template file not found: resources/admin/emails/Alert.txt

Any ideas?

Hi Ellyssa - Did you cron the

Hi Ellyssa - Did you cron the sendAlerts.php? If you try to invoke it from your browser (just visit the /resources/sendAlerts.php page) Does it work then?

If it works via the browser but not in the cron then it's not figuring out the right path to the Alert file. If you did cron, is the sendAlerts.php you're running still in the /coral/resources directory?

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